Centre for Combined Energy

What are we working on

We offer original solutions in the field of sustainable energy and mobility for a better and higher quality of life.

Hydro power

We are dedicated to the design, construction and reconstruction of hydropower plants, research and development in the field of water turbines. We offer design and construction solutions for hydropower structures.

Nuclear energy

We have practical experience in the nuclear power industry's back-end cycle, which includes decommissioning of nuclear facilities and radioactive waste treatment services. Our future projects within nuclear energy have a wider scope.

Battery modules

We are developing a technological solution for the automatic regeneration of electric vehicle batteries that extends their overall lifetime and delays their final recycling thanks to their secondary use in the energy sector.


We are preparing for a future without internal combustion engines. Our priority is to protect the environment and reduce the consumption of raw materials.

Who we are

Our team consists of professionals from various fields of expertise. The qualified scientific team is built from experts with experience in the development and design of electrical and energy systems.

We apply the experience and know-how gained over the years in design and construction projects where our experts use the latest technologies.

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