About us

We develop solutions with the environment in mind.

We specialise in research and development, with a focus on the future of mobility and energy. We are using our know-how from dozens of successfully completed projects and years of experience in R&D to develop a plant for regeneration of electric vehicle batteries. This has been identified by the European Union as an Important Project of Common European Interest (IPCEI).

As the only company in Slovakia, we have a long-standing and expert-level focus on reconstruction and maintenance of hydropower plants, and the design of new small hydropower plant projects. We apply our expertise in research and development projects in the field of hydro turbines.

About us

Our team consists of professionals from various fields of expertise. The qualified scientific team is built from experts with experience in the development and design of electrical and energy systems.


Stanislav Králik
Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of Directors
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Roman Kiš
Technical Manager and Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors
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Marek Hudák
Deputy Project Leader

Peter Drgoňa
Deputy Leader for Internal Battery Processes

Martin Šuňal
Deputy leader for M&C systems

Zoltán Csuka
Computational CFD Engineer

Marta Murgašová
Research Officer
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Peter Hlbočan
Research Officer
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Ľubomír Kollár
Research Officer
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Jozef Kadora
Chief Designer
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Peter Jurík
Quality Manager

Alexandra Marquez
Environmental Specialist


Peter Trúchlik
Project Manager

Ľubica Golejová
Public Procurement Specialist

Henrieta Kozáček Miloňová
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Zuzana Masariková
HR generalist
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Jana Lőrinczová
Project Assistant

Silvia Dobrocká
Project Assistant


More than ninety years of tradition. Our company combines the history of the famous Škoda and ZTS plants.


Construction of the factory of Škoda Plzeň in Dubnica nad Váhom


On 2 January, production began in the halls of the "Škoda factory" in Dubnica nad Váhom


Approximately 17 thousand workers were employed in the factory


Post-war changes brought renaming of the factory to “Závody K. J. Voroshilova (ZKJV)” and the completion of other plants.


At the beginning of the 1960s, the name was changed to “Strojárske a metalurgické závody, národný podnik Dubnica nad Váhom”


Establishment of Výskum a Vývoj (Research and Development) Dubnica as we know it today (part of ZTS in Martin)


“Závody Ťažkého Strojárenstva, n.p.”, Dubnica nad Váhom. In this period the company provided outputs in 53 production branches – expanded and modernised technological equipment


On 1 January the Research Institute of Hydraulic Mechanisms in Dubnica nad Váhom (VUHYM) was established


ZTS Dubnica as a state enterprise. In the course of the changes in political and social life, several organisational changes took place. In 1991 the organisational structure was changed to a divisional organisation


Transformation of the state enterprise into a joint-stock company ZTS Dubnica nad Váhom, a.s.


On 3 November the company ZTS – VÝSKUM A VÝVOJ, a.s. was established, following on with the programme of the research institute VUHYM


ZTS – Výskum a Vývoj was bought by STM Power. With the entry of STM Power, a new stage began with a focus on hydropower plants, supply of equipment, and technological know-how in this segment.


Project Production of second life battery modules (IPCEI)