Contaminated air filters processing line

We have been active in the nuclear energy business for more than five decades. We started with the experimental production of a part of the fuel assemblies for the first Czechoslovak nuclear power plant A1 and now we specialize in the nuclear power back cycle.

As part of these activities, we have developed and delivered a contaminated air filter processing line for the Bohunice Radioactive Waste Treatment Centre (BSC RAO), which is designed to dispose of radioactively contaminated filter cartridges from nuclear power plant operations. The line can separate ferromagnetic material, aluminium, copper, and combustible or non-combustible material.

The list of projects implemented for BSC RAO includes:

  • Fragmentation and Dry Decontamination Facility
  • Minor Fragmentation Facility
  • Burning workstation for the separation of metallic materials by oxy-acetylene flame and plasma
  • Contaminated electrical cable treatment plant
  • Production of containers for solid contaminated material
  • Reconstruction of the SO34 HVAC system at the RAO BSC